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Once the cream arrives at the butter factory, it is matured for a total of 18 hours, thus creating the unique flavour and personality of Echiré butter.
The butter is then produced teak barrel-type churns using ancient expertise.
The cream churning lasts for two and a half hours, and this slow transformation of the cream into butter gives it a soft and tender texture, as well as a bold hazelnut flavour, an elegant taste which is characteristic of Echiré butter. The entire production process of Echiré butter is overseen by a master butter maker.

The Echiré dairy

echire crème beurre baratte crème fraiche- Beurres Échiré

Our dairy was founded in 1891 by Mr. du Dresnay in the outhouses of a building situated on the banks of the Sèvre Niortaise River, right in the heart of the village. The dairy became a cooperative in 1894. The spring which supplied the municipal wash house also supported the needs of the dairy and ever since its foundation, the dairy has been solely dedicated to producing butter renowned for its quality.
Since the very beginning, the butter has always been manufactured in teak barrel-type churns, giving it a unique texture. 22 litres of milk are required to make one kilogram of butter.
Our butter is used first and foremost by gourmet restaurants and luxury hotels. Indeed, most starred restaurants featured in restaurant guides offer their customers the opportunity to discover Echiré butter by using it in their recipes or by having it on out on their tables. The famous Echiré is also sold in high-end delicatessens in Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Lavage et malaxage du beurre d'Échiré dans une baratte en bois - Beurre d'excellence depuis1894

The Joining of Sèvre & Belle and Echiré Cooperatives

echire crème beurre baratte crème fraiche- Beurres Échiré

In 1997, the producers of Echiré and Sèvre & Belle, a cheesemaker for over 100 years renowned globally for the quality of its cheese, decided to combine their energy in order to create the Quality Charter for Milk Production (la Charte de Qualité de Production du Lait). This is an attempt, most notably, to tighten food security and to better respect animals, but it also aims to create a more positive image of the agricultural industry. More than anything, however, it is largely thanks to its respect for the environment and its commitment to transparency for consumers that the Cooperative is firmly dedicated to ensuring the absence of GMOs in animal feed.
The end of 2004 saw the merger of La Laiterie Coopérative d’Echiré et la Coopérative Sèvre & Belle, giving rise to La Coopérative Laitière de la Sèvre.

All of our producers are committed to producing 100% non-GMO milk, thanks to the healthy and 100% verified non-GMO food which they give to their animals. The respect we demonstrate towards our animals is essential to guarantee the quality of both our milk and our other products.

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IFS Food Certification - Qualité - Beurre Echiré - Beurre d'excellence - Echiré

Qu’est-ce que l’IFS ?

La certification IFS a été mise en place en 2003 afin d’assurer la maîtrise de la sécurité des denrées alimentaires et de surveiller le niveau qualitatif des produits fabriqués. Cette certification garantit aux consommateurs la sécurité et la qualité des produits. Elle répond également aux exigences de la réglementation communautaire en matière d’hygiène.

La certification IFS a été mise en place en 2013 sur le site Echiré, elle certifie la fabrication du beurre AOP doux et demi-sel conditionné en plaquettes, mottes, cubes, recharges, rouleaux et la fabrication de crème pasteurisée conditionnée en pots et en seaux plastiques.

Depuis 1979, le beurre Charentes-Poitou est reconnu en Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée, devenue Appellation d’Origine Protégée en 1992. Ce cahier des charges garantit aux consommateurs de trouver un produit réalisé et contrôlé selon les règles établies. Elle garantit également l’origine du produit, son mode de fabrication et la préservation d’un vrai goût de terroir.

Echiré : The excellence since 1894

Our AOP Echiré butter is available on 5 continents, including in our concept-store in Echiré (France) and in 7 stores  in Japan

Echiré throughout the globe!

echire crème beurre baratte crème fraiche- Beurres Échiré


Magasin Échiré - Maison du beurre - Tokyo - Japon - Beurre d'excellence

Echiré store : « Maison du beurre »

Tokyo, Japon

Magasin Échiré - Marché au beurre - Osaka - Japon - Beurre d'excellence

Echiré store: « Marché au beurre »

Osaka, Japon